Julie Queen


(Aileen Wuornos: 6/23 matinee)

JULIE QUEEN played Aileen in the Wuornos workshop performances. For the San Francisco City Summer Opera she performed Dinah in Trouble in Tahiti, Frida in The Life of Frida Kahl, Cora Crippen in Lives of the Great Poisoners, Jenny in Mahagonny, and Dusty in Sweeny Agonistes.

Queen, a soprano/mezzo, has been seen in concert with the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra and the CMC Orchestra. Her theatrical credits include Phrenic Crush (Ehn, Bielawa), Ace Taboo (Soon 3), Circle of Bone and Stich-teh-nako (The Qube Chix), Warehouse Mozart (San Francisco Mozart Festival), Tongues (The Moving Company), and Kurt Weil Berlin to Broadway (San Francisco City Summer Opera).

She can be seen on film in Familiar and The Interview. Queen has taken Master Classes from David Ostwald, Warren Jones, Dick Jones, and Andrea Velis. She has degrees from Sonoma State University, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and the California State University Summer Arts Opera Program at Humbolt.